Understanding Dog Aggression & How To Solve Dog Aggression For Good!

Dog AggressionDog Aggression is a serious problem which all dog owners face at some point in their lives.  Dog Aggression is the number one problem I receive calls about.

Dog Aggression – So what can you do about it? How have you tried to solve it?  Do you call in help of a professional or do you try and deal with the situation on your own?

Dog Aggression is becoming more and more common and for people who have an aggressive dog, life can simply become a nightmare. Most try and avoid the situations which trigger the dog’s aggression. Such as going for a walk very early in the morning or very late at night or not having visitors around the house.

Some may try to deal with the problem on their own whilst others may call in the help of a dog trainer or dog behaviourist. Depending on how these professionals have been trained will depend on the methods they will pass on to the dog owner.

I have heard countless stories from my clients that certain methods to change the dog’s aggressive reaction have been suggested to them. Methods such as, using things like, a squirt water bottle, shaking a can full of pebbles near the dog or even worse to use shock collars.

I remember with my first dog Jake, the advice I received to control his aggression was to, buy a choke chain and yank hard on his neck to force him out of his aggressive state of mind. I was also told by the vet to roll up a newspaper and smack him hard on the nose!

Nervous DogThe Vet said  “smack or beat the dog to show him who is boss!”  Why would I do that? I mean why would I want to make my dog scared of me? Even before I knew what I knew today, I knew that wasn’t the answer.

Sadly, these methods and techniques are still taught to people worldwide. In my opinion they are very outdated and extremely dangerous for both the dog and the human and very rarely work long term. These methods can cause much deeper psychological and psychical damage to both the dog and the human.

I mean, we are talking about a life here, a soul, who has feelings and emotions, just as we do. I have to ask, if we came across a human who was displaying aggression, would we give them an electric shock or squirt them with water?

Would we put a chain around their neck and yank on them? Would we smack them or beat them?

No, not if we are a decent human being who knows right from wrong. So, the question is why do some people still think it’s acceptable to treat dogs or any other animal in this way?

Is it because we see others doing it or have been advised by animal professionals such as dog trainers,  dog behaviourists or vets, that this is still the best and most acceptable practice? Or is it just due to a lack of proper education?

How Dog Aggression can take over your life.

Dog to dog aggression

Dog aggression can very easily get out of control if it is not addressed in the right manner.  Sadly many feel so fearful of their dog that they feel the best thing for them maybe to re-home them or put them to sleep.

What we do have to remember is that there are different types of aggression and there can be many different reasons to why a dog becomes aggressive.

The dog may be in some physical pain or discomfort, or they may feel insecure and terrified by something going on in their environment. They may have been taught by their human that aggression is the way to control certain situations. Or it could be that they want to show some leadership in a situation which is fast getting out of control.

We need to also look at the chemical imbalances in their system as these also play a major part in dog aggression. If they are being fed the wrong kinds of foods which are laced with sugar and chemicals or prescribed some medications  & vaccines then these can serious alter moods and behaviours just as they can with us humans.

There are always reasons behind the dog’s aggression

We cannot just blame the human for an aggressive dog, as there are many other factors to consider when a dog shows aggression.

We must start by first locating the exact combination of causes which has made the dog feel the need to express aggression. This is so we can provide workable solutions to treating these causes rather than the effect, which is the aggression. By locating the causes and treating these, we can re-balance the dog is every way so it feels happy, confident and relaxed in every day situations.

So how do we do that?

The Canine Angel 8 Step Dog Aggression ProgramIntroducing The Canine Angel 8 Step Dog Aggression Program

When clients come to me for help, the first place we start, is to conduct a thorough assessment of everything which is related to mind, body and spirit of the animal, the human and the environment they are both currently living in. We also take into consideration their full medical and emotional history to identify specific traumas which may still be lodged deep in their system.

We then follow the 8 steps on the program in the correct order over the correct period of time.  As both the human and animal learn and integrate the lessons of each step on the program, the magic happens and an amazing transformation takes place for both of them.

The animal becomes physically and mentally well again as it feels its needs are now being correctly met and the human starts to feel happier and more confident and in control as they see their animal balance out again. The whole relationship begins to heal and takes on another level as a deeper bond is created through understanding, love and respect.

I recently interviewed Karl & Hayley who are the proud pet parents of Zac & Tilly. They called me out for some help when Tilly began launching severe daily attacks on Zac and anyone who entered the house.

Karl & Hayley wanted to share their story about how they felt going through The 8 Step Dog Aggression Program in the hope that it would inspire others to reach out for help and not suffer alone.

Watch Zac & Tilly’s Amazing Transformation from aggression to best of friends again..



I hope you enjoy the video and please do leave your comments or questions below, share this article with a friend or contact me direct if you require some help with your own dogs.

If you would like more information about The Canine Angel 8 Step Dog Aggression Program then CLICK HERE

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