The Canine Angel Assessment & Breakthrough Session

dreamstime_m_33240133The Canine Angel Assessment & Breakthrough Session is a completely confidential service where you consult directly with me over Skype Call or Telephone call, so no matter where you live in the world, you can gain access to this valuable and helpful service from the comfort of your own home and finally achieve the Breakthrough you have been looking for!

During the session you can speak openly about any pet related matters that are concerning you, have all your questions answered and receive instant help and advice to begin solving your pet’s health or behavioural issues straight away!

Book Your Session Using The Payment Button Below:

Please Note: If you are on low income or benefits then please contact me direct and I will organise a discounted fee for your session. 

How To Book Your Assessment & Breakthrough Session:

contact formAfter you have secured your booking payment, you will need to complete the ONLINE CONTACT FORM so you can provide details of what you will most need help with on your call. CLICK ON THE FORM TO COMPLETE IT.

Once you have submitted the form, check your email inbox as you will be sent a confirmation email, where you will need to click the enclosed link, to ensure the form reaches me this end. If you do not take this step I will not receive the form this end.

Once your booking payment and form have been received, I will email my diary schedule for you to chose an appointment for your session to begin.

What does the Breakthrough Session & Assessment Session Entail?

Assessment: In order to be able to correctly identify where your pet’s health and behavioural problems are stemming from, and what is causing them, I will ask you a series of questions about your animal’s full history. This is crucial to achieving the successful outcome and results you are looking for, because more often or not, problems which are misunderstood or misdiagnosed can lead you down the wrong path and waste you alot of time and money.

Achieving The Breakthrough:  Once I have obtained all the necessary information from you to make a full assessment of where your pet’s issues are stemming from, I will be able to explain in full depth to you and help you see your pet’s problems from a different perspective. This can be the “Breakthrough”  or “Ahh ha” moment you have been seeking and can provide the vital key for us to be able to unlock the correct solutions of how to solve the issues at hand.

Workable Solutions You Can Put Into Action Immediately: Once you have gained the breakthrough in understanding what your pet is going through, you may feel this is enough to go on and change things yourself, OR you may have further questions for me, which I can provide you with some workable solutions that you can get to work with immediately.

Further Help After Your Break Through Session: If you require further help or training from me after your Breakthrough Session then a offer a range of services including:

  • Distance Training through skype and telephone calls
  • Training Resources, Manuals, Books, Online Videos
  • Personal 1-2-1 Training through Home Visits

We can discuss your needs and budget during the call and I can then email you a personally designed training program and full written quotation within 24 hours of your call.


See What Others Say About The Assessment & Breakthrough Session Service:

Karen Pano: USA

I was extremely satisfied with the service Nikki gave to me on the Assessment & Breakthrough Session, I found her to be very warm and caring and felt very comfortable discussing my dog Smokey Joe’s issues with her.

The main points I felt I learnt from the session were about various natural pain relief remedies and how a raw food diet supplemented with the fulvic acid supplement would help him. I have already put the advice I received into practise and he is off his Carprofen and I am using the coconut oil and turmeric for pain relief and so far its working really well! I have also now read Nikki’s raw feeding training manual so I can gear up to learning how to safely switch him onto a raw diet. Overall I was very pleased with the service I receive and I would say it was very good value and would most certainly recommend it onto to others.


Louise Berry: Sheffield UK 

I contacted Nikki through the Breakthrough Session about my Echo and his aggression on his lead towards other dogs.

I felt very comfortable talking to Nikki about Echo, as she didn’t make me feel his behaviour was my fault.

I learnt valuable new information about his throat, mouth & digestive system. Changes have been made instantly regarding his collar & diet.

I found the advice very helpful and was able to put take some action immediately such as removing his lead off his collar and we have now bought a harness.

I have faith in Nikki’s advice & the information she gave me was quite eye-opening! I felt was great value! I would highly recommend this assessment and breakthrough service to enable to look at things from the dog’s perspective.

Lesley Rich: Swindon UK

I contacted Nikki for advice regarding my two dogs Maddie & Herbie as I feel they don’t always listen to me and no matter how hard I try, they just don’t seem to respect me.

I found Nikki’s attitude was professional but very friendly and discussing my dogs was easy as I felt like we were friends.

The main thing I felt I learnt on the session was the importance of their diet and their digestive system and how it can be linked to their energy and focus. I learnt new things about and the alternative natural painkillers and flea treatments which are available too.

I used natural painkiller the next day for a painful dewclaw as well as the Natural Pet Vitality Fulvic acid on wound and the results were amazing.

I think the service Nikki provides is amazing and I look forward to hopefully learning more about improving my relationship with my dogs and doing the best I can for them. I would most definitely recommend this service onto others!

Jacqui Worral Stourport On Severn.

I found the Breakthrough Session extremely helpful to discuss my dog Charlie’s – excitable behaviour as I don’t feel like I’m in control and have difficulty taking him out and him not coming back when called.

It was very easy to openly discuss Charlie’s and my issues with Nikki and I found her attitude was lovely.

The main thing I learn from talking to Nikki was that I was forgetting to think closely about my energy and how it matched or didn’t match Charlie’s energy. I was assuming everything told to me at training classes was right as they were ‘professionals’ and that maybe there is another was as well. I didn’t really think about food affecting Charlie’s behaviour before so I found that very helpful.

I found that I was able to put the advice Nikki gave to me into action immediately. I’ve tried to use advice and be more aware of my energy, I’m looking at Charlie from a different perspective now which is great!

I was provided with lots of information, help and advice on the call and I found it very interesting.

I had some real ‘ aha’ moments talking to Nikki, but I also do realise it’s not going to be a quick process, I am still need help managing Charlie’s behaviour and am looking forward to booking in some 1-2-1 Training by Home Visits.

I would like to start by reading Nikki’s training manual, “What Your Dog is Begging For!” and then having a one to one session for Nikki to help me understand Charlie in a different way.

I would highly recommend this service to anyone who needs friendly and professional help with their dog!


Vivienne Honey From Sheffield

I received the breakthrough session because I needed some advice about my dog Toffee who is scared of loud noises and fearful of the dark.

I felt very comfortable about discussing issues given space to talk openly. Nikki made me feel that I wasn’t a strange owner feeding my dog raw food and not agreeing necessarily with annual booster injections.

The main points I learnt for the session was that Nikki explained that the halti making her more fearful was a new idea I had to absorb.

Nikki also opened my eyes to understood about gut health and how it can contribute to the nervous system so this was also a new idea to get my head round.

I found Nikki’s advice very helpful and have already put it into action by adding more bones into her diet and I must say there has been an improvement with her attitude of walking in the dark already! I have also just ordered the new airmesh harness from Nikki on her suggestion and look forward to trying this out when it arrives!

I found this a great service and would be interested in Nikki’s other services such as Group Training Workshops and Energy Healing Therapies. I would certainly recommend this service to my friends and family.

Book Your Assessment & Breakthrough Session By Using The Payment Below:  

Please Note: If you are on low income or benefits then please contact me direct and I will organise a discounted fee for your session. 

Once you have made payment please complete the ONLINE CLIENT CONTACT FORM HERE so I can contact you to schedule your appointment.  


Visit The Natural Fulvic Vitality Website To Learn About The Amazing Benefits of Fulvic Minerals & Download Nikki’s Free eBook “The Fulvic Solution!”



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