Raw Food Diet For Dogs & Cats

Learn How To IMPROVE Your Pet’s Health & Well-Being, EXTEND Their Lifespan & SAVE Money On Your Pet Care Bills! 

Discover Exactly What Your Dog & Cat Are Really Begging For & Why Raw Meaty Bones Are Their True Best Friends!

annie-with-raw-meatDear Pet Owner Welcome!

If you have arrived here then chances are you are looking for some helpful information about raw feeding for your pet dog or cat.

You may have searched the internet looking for helpful information and expert advice & answers to some of the burning questions you have in your mind about how to get started on a raw food diet.

You May Have Questions Such As:

  • My current pet food says it is healthy & nutritious, so why do I need to switch to a raw diet?
  • Is raw feeding safe for my pet?
  • How do I save money on my pet food and vet bills?
  • What is the difference between BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) & Raw Meaty Bones and which is best for my pet?
  • Can pregnant bitches and puppies eat raw meaty bones safely?
  • Where do I source my raw meaty bones from and which ones are best for my pet?
  • Can I mix processed kibble and raw meaty bones together?
  • What else can I feed my pet when it is on the raw diet?
  • What do I tell my vet if he won’t support my choice for raw feeding?

These questions and many more like them are asked to me on a daily basis, so with that in mind, I have written a really simple to follow and easy to read, step by step, Pet Diet & Nutrition Training Manual, which answers all these questions and more!

What Your Dog Is Begging For! (Also Applies To Cats!)

version-2-book-plain-without-shadowThis fantastic and educationals training manual is full of expert advice which will guide you step by step on how make the transition to a raw food diet.

It will guide you every step of the way on how to source everything you need and make the SAFEST and easiest transition possible.

Learn The TWO VITAL STEPS To Unlock A Healthy & Happy Future For Your Dog, By Placing Your Order Now! 

Stop Poisoning Your Pets!

toxic cans

Firstly, let me explain why I say this, because for some people it may seem a little unnecessarily scary…

Well the truth of the matter is that the problem I’m going to share with you, is it is alot more serious than many believe it to be. I owe it to our furry best friends to be their voice and speak out for them as they can’t communicate their pains and discomforts like we can and often many health or behavioural problems go undetected until it’s too late.

Did You Know?…..

Over 80% of pet owners are still purchasing processed pet food and pouring it into their pets bowl on a daily basis, whilst having NO real idea about what actually goes into the food or what happens throughout the manufacturing process.

Trust me, when I say, we have all been there at some point throughout our pet owning lives, even me!  We have been blindly trusting these leading brands of pet food to ensure that all our dog’s nutritional needs are met.

Sadly though the truth of the matter is that most commercially prepared foods contain ingredients that are toxic to your pet and can in fact do them more harm than good!

I wouldn’t be fulfilling my role as one of the UK’s leading experts on this subject, if I didn’t give you the information I know could mean the difference between a happy, healthy pet and a pet riddled with health and behavioural problems.

Problems, which might otherwise remain hidden from unsuspecting pet owners everywhere.
I have no doubt at all that you do everything you possibly can to look after your dog or cat, treat it well and give it what it needs to be happy and healthy.

By making yourself aware of what you could be doing to unintentionally harm your dog or cat, and also to change a few things for your pet’s benefit in light of new information, you are one step closer to helping your beloved friend to live the happiest and healthiest it can… Just the way nature intended.

Lifting The Lid & Exposing The Truth About The Pet Food Industry!

p33003sprattsdog (1)Did You Know?…..

Processed pet food has only been around for just over 100 years and yet, archaeological evidence has proved that Dogs have been around for at least 15,000 years and Cats for approximately 13,000 years.

So what were they eating before processed pet food was invented?

It is only now we are beginning to witness the huge consequences of providing our animals with a processed diet every day.

Serious pet health and behavioural problems are being reported at an alarming frequency which has resulted in a significant rise in the number of early and premature deaths of our beloved best friends.

images (1)I feel it is important for you to understand why it is necessary for me to expose the truth about what goes on in the pet food industry and what they are not telling us!

I was shocked to learn what really goes on. I felt angry for a while because even I had fallen for their brainwashing advertising campaigns and even EVEN I TRUSTED them to look after my pet’s nutritional needs properly!

It Did Not End There Though, The More Study & Research I Did, The More Shocking & Unnerving Information I Was Uncovering!

The veterinary association and pharmaceutical companies work very closely with the large pet food companies. Combined, all three organisations are making billions in profit year on year, by providing us with inaccurate information regarding the best diet & nutrition for our pets.

You see, raw fed cats & dogs, which eat their species appropriate diet, are SO HEALTHY they RARELY get sick or suffer with psychological or behavioural problems, meaning that regular and costly trips to the veterinary surgery become a thing of the past!

version-2-book-plain-without-shadowHelp Your Pet To Live A Longer, Healthier & Happier Life & Reduce Your Pet Care Bills Significantly!!

Order A Copy Now..

Dogs & Cats Are Carnivores, Which Means They THRIVE On Their Species Appropriate Diet Of RAW Meat, Bone & Offal! 

Just as the Kola Bear thrives on its species appropriate diet of Eucalyptus leaves, dogs and cats literally thrive when we feed them what they were also designed to eat.

eating-fishThe human being is the only species on the planet that builds a fire to cook and heat their food. Every other species on the planet eat each other RAW. This is how nature designed our animals and plants to be.

It is only when us humans interfere with the natural process that problems begin to manifest. When we do the right thing and follow the laws of nature, then balance is restored at every level.

Let me give you an example of what I mean: 

Meet Annie! My Beautiful Best Friend!

CanineAngel-118Annie was an ex racer who at 4 years old was ready to retire. Her life on the track had taken its toll on her and she was in a bad way. She was suffering with numerous health problems and had become severely aggressive to anyone who entered her kennel.

I was called into help her so I offered to foster her to begin with so I could help her heal, rebalance and adjust to life in the real world away from her racing career.

I discovered that her health problems were contributing to her aggressive outbursts, so I knew I needed to help her fix these first.

Her severe health problems, included, Gum Disease, Tooth Decay, Liver, Pancreas & Large Intestine Damage & Poor Joints & Muscle Strain.  

I decided to seek a veterinarian opinion about her health problems and I was pretty shocked and horrified by what they suggested.

At no point did they even mention that poor diet could be a possible cause for her health problems.
Instead they just went down the conventional route and offered me expensive drugs and costly dental work, which they quoted me £3,000 for!

I had been studying natural pet diet & nutrition and knew that I could help Annie with her health & behavioural problems by first making some changes to her diet.

I declined the vets offer for treatment and begun the process of helping Annie to heal from all the damage by switching her from a dry food diet to the raw meaty bones diet.

The Changes I Witnessed In Just 8 Short Weeks Were INCREDIBLE! See Annie’s Amazing Transformation Below!


From Annie’s before and after pictures, you can see that her scars on her face have healed, her coat is healthy and glossy, and her muscle definition improved greatly and her sparkle came back in her eyes!

Chewing and knawing on the Raw Meaty Bones cleared up her mouth and gum problems naturally and she never needed any dental treatment or prescription drugs from the vet! 

AnnieLook how healthy & happy Annie is today! And think about the savings I have made myself along the way!

Not only did I save myself alot of money and heartache, but I know I have helped to save & extend Annie’s life.

And the savings don’t end there!! 

Before I switched Annie to the RMB diet, my average yearly pet food bill on dry pet food, mimic bones and treats was a staggering £1,500 per year! 

I stopped buying all commercially prepared pet foods, treats and toys which mimic bones and switched to a pure and natural diet provided by my local butcher!
My raw pet food bill for Annie is now only £10 per week making a total of £520.00 per year!

When I total up the amount of money I have saved myself over the last 6 years on Annie’s pet care bills, I can safely say I have saved at least £10,000 or more!!  

You see, owning a cat or dog really does not have to be a costly business when you make the switch to raw feeding!

I Want To Help You Make These Savings Too, But More Importantly I Want To Help You To:

  1. SOLVE your pet’s health & behavioural problems
  2. IMPROVE the quality of their life
  3. EXTEND their lifespan considerably
  4. PREVENT them from being rehomed or put to sleep because you couldn’t find the right solutions for them.

Your Pet Diet & Nutrition Education Starts Here!

version-2-book-plain-without-shadowOrder This 70 page, Fully Illustrated, Easy To Follow Training Manual & Gain Special Access To My Video Training Links!

This step by step guide will answer all your questions about how to feed a raw diet safely & cost effectively!

article-page-main_ehow_images_a01_vq_ek_tell-dog-sick-800x800I wrote “What Your Dog Is Begging For” to educate as many pet owners as I can about the TRUTH and provide you with enough education that you will become an EXPERT in pet diet and nutrition and raw feeding!

This training manual will provide you with the right education to be able to CONFIDENTLY talk about raw diets with your veterinarian or pet trainer.

Your friends and family will soon start seeing you as the Raw Feeding Expert “ and want to ask YOU for your advice when they witness the remarkable & positive changes in your own pet’s health and behaviour with their own eyes!

This Proven Method Will Help You To Learn:

  • Which ingredients in processed pet foods are harmful to your pet
  • Which vital ingredients processed pet food leaves out which cause nutritional deficiencies
  • Why dogs & cats are carnivores and why they thrive on their species appropriate diet
  • TheTwo Vital Steps to take BEFORE switching your pet onto raw foods
  • Easy to follow step by step guidance on how to make the transition onto raw food safely
  • Which foods to feed and which ones to avoid
  • How to administer Natural Pet Vitality and what the benefits are
  • How to source your raw foods, store and handle them safely
  • How to monitor & support your pet through its dietary changes 
  • To Improve all areas of your pet’s health & well-being & extend its lifespan using natural methods 

Switching Your Dog or Cat To Raw & Natural Diet
Can Help With The Following Conditions:

  • Ear & Eye Infections
  • Gum Disease & Tooth Decay
  • Digestion Issues
  • Urinary Tract & Anal Gland Problems
  • Skin Allergies & Coat Issues
  • Auto Immune & Nervous System Problems
  • Canine/Feline Cancer, Epilepsy & Organ Disease &ThyroidIssues
  • Arthritis, Joints & Muscles

The Raw Meaty Bones Diet Also Improves 
Behaviour Related Issues Such As: 

  • Fear, Anxiety & Nervousness
  • Aggression & Dominance
  • Hyperactivity & Lack of Focus
  • Sadness, Depression & Lethargy
  • Obsession & Confusion


Join Our Happy Customers & Get Your Pet Started On The Raw Meaty Bones Diet Today! 

Order Your Copy Now!

Read Our Real Life Customer Testimonials
& Find Out What Others Have To Say…

“In Spite Of Our Regular Visits To The Vets, Bella’s Skin Problems Were Getting Worse!” 

Bella Skin pics“The picture on the left was taken around the time I telephoned you for advice on what to do!”  

“Our dear girl was going crazy, itching & scratching herself & chewing at her paws and crying with the pain of it all! Your book advised me to throw all that expensive top of the range kibble away and feed them raw natural foods supplemented with Natural Pet Vitality and just look at the Amazing transformation in our dear Bella, in just 8 weeks!! 

“It was just amazing how quickly she got better and there have been NO more skin problems and NO more regular and costly visits to the vets. Thank-You Nikki, we can’t begin to thank you enough for providing us with this really valuable education!”

Ken Abell, Staffordshire UK. 


“I Noticed That The Ingredients That Go Into Dog Biscuits Seemed To Make Ninja Very Hyperactive & He Wouldn’t Listen To Commands At Times!”

Ninja before after“I had been searching for some trustworthy information on pet feeding and came across the What Your Dog is Begging For! training manual. This fantastic and easy to read guide answered all the questions I had and gave me the extra confidence I was looking for to change Ninja’s diet.”

“After a few weeks of following the program, Ninja’s hyperactive behaviour seemed to disappear and his responsiveness to commands improved significantly!”

“Since I have changed Ninja’s diet, my friends have also noticed his behaviour has improved and how healthy his coat looks, so they decided to change their dog’s diet too and have also seen great improvements with their dog’s health and behaviour.”

“I can say Nikki really knows her stuff and I would put my trust in her with any of my animals.”
Dan Moore 
Reading UK


“Kia Our Rescue Border Collie Transformed From A Hyperactive & Aggressive Mess To A Calm, Well-Mannered Dog!”

Kia“It was after Kia had attacked the washing machine and bitten my father, that we contacted Nikki for help!” 

“I would definitely recommend her diet & nutrition training manual “What your Dog is Begging For!” to anybody who is serious about the health and general well-being of their dog.”

“After following this program, we changed our dog’s diet completely- we got rid of all the commercial pet food and put him on natural diet that nature intended him to eat. The new diet has saved us money on food bills and less trips to the vet.”

“We have had so many comments about how much he’s changed. He is so loving and so much calmer. After a few weeks on the diet, we could see the difference and his coat is a beautiful & glossy and his teeth are so white and healthy now!” 

“I can’t thank Nikki Brown enough for her valuable help and advice!” 
Debbie Jones, Littleover UK 


“My 2 Year Old Labrador, Lottie, Was Quite Overweight & Fairly Unhappy…..”

Lottie 2“Searching for a solution, a friend of mine explained she had followed Nikki’s advice which transformed her dogs health in such a short amount of time, that I was convinced to try this advice too.” 

“I ordered the book, read it and everything has changed for the better!”

“Nikki Brown, made it very clear in a non-patronising way, how shocking the current dog food industry is. I was appalled to say the least but she not only explained the wrongdoings, but also showed some incredible simple solutions that not only work extraordinarily well, but save you money.”

“I decided to try her diet for a month to see if it worked and within only a few days I saw progress in my dogs health and general happiness. I filmed her first ever raw chicken wing which was such a delight to capture! You can see how her natural instincts kick in as she learns how to eat properly again!”

“Saying the word “diet” doesn’t do it justice though. It’s a new way of life of pure transformation!” Needless to say, Lottie, my dog has not touched commercial dog food in 2 years and is one of the healthiest dogs around.”

“Whenever walking her, almost every single day I receive comments from fellow dog walkers on how healthy she looks.”

“This book has not only given Lottie a better lifestyle but it’s made myself and my family happier too and we can already see the benefits of long term savings on reduced food and vets bills! Thank you so much, Nikki! You’ve transformed Lottie’s life for the better!!”

James Farina, Bristol UK


version-2-book-plain-without-shadowWhat Your Dog Is Begging For! Raw Meaty Bones – Your Dog’s Best Friend!

The Complete Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Training ManualIncludes Video Training Links For Visual Learning Too!  

Written By: Nikki Brown, The UK’s Natural Dog Whisperer! 

PRICE: ONLY £24.99

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

downloadI’m extending to you a 30 day money back guarantee to evaluate my training manual.

If What Your Dog is Begging For! is unsuccessful in providing you with the sufficient amount of practical information to successfully transition and start your dog on a raw food diet, just send me an email and I shall immediately give you your money back. No explanations needed and nothing to send back! You Get To Keep Your copy At NO RISK! 

Read What The Experts Say About 
What Your Dog Is Begging For!

At Last! A book that doesn’t hold back anything!
“Nikki really hasn’t held back here on her knowledge and understanding of nutrition for animals. “What Your Dog is Begging For!” is the ultimate guide to reclaiming your pet’s health with helpful tips and FAQ’s along the way. The entire book is refreshing, educational and an absolute pleasure to read.”
Kevin Raison
Head Coach at KickStart Boot camp
West Midlands UK


Every owner of a DOG ( or CAT) should read this book!!!
“I read What Your Dog Is Begging For! in one gulp and was gripped throughout – it was a revelation to me.
I think there were many highlights in the book. I learnt about a new and exciting health plan for dogs (and cats) and it is so obvious it hurts. When you think about their raw feeding habits in the wild and we have taken them in to our concrete homes and have fed them basically unhealthy chemical products and have almost turned their bodies inside out.
I also think we can learn from this book regards us humans and how much we still have to educate ourselves about our diet and spiritual growth. I think it is wonderful how Nikki has blended the two together and it’s basically one animal looking after another – the so called less intelligent, teaching us a whole new world that Mother Nature gave them and we sort of turned away and lost our way somewhere and became very lazy. Every dog owner in the country should have this book in their library – it’s what your dog is begging for!”

Director of Scriptura, Journalist, Novelist & Scriptwriter UK


If you feed raw, or want to, you need to read this!!
“For anyone who feeds their dog raw food or who is considering raw feeding then I think that this book is an absolute must. There is a bewildering array of information out there and it can be difficult to know where to start. Nikki uses simple, no nonsense language and her passion and enthusiasm leaps out from the page. Quite simply I have been inspired by Nikki & her book, I use it as my dog food bible.

It contains sensible and valid advice and information about food packaging, labelling and probably most importantly how to get started. So many books drone on about raw feeding but don’t give any information on how to go about it. Nikki talks the reader through the whole process even troubleshooting potential problems and just left me feeling inspired. I feed both my dogs on raw food, I feel confident to stand my ground when talking to my vet or anybody else for that matter about raw feeding. It’s even a really interesting & informative read.”
Kathy Wright 
Canine Massage Therapist UK

version-2-book-plain-without-shadowBuy “What Your Dog is Begging For!”

Order Your Downloadable PDF Version For: 

Only £24.99!

Once Your order has been received we will send your PDF Version of What Your Dog Is Begging For! Training Manual to your Email Inbox within 24 hours. You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open and read the file.

If you have any questions or need some help please contact us for assistance.

burst-printPlease Note: This is a Home Study Manual designed so you can study at home on your own, however if you would like personal help, support or advice from Nikki on any health or behavioural matter, you can book in for a skype or telephone consultation through her Breakthrough Session Service 


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