Raw Food Diet For Dogs & Cats Training Course

Are you not sure how to switch your dog or cat to a raw food diet & worried that by feeding them raw meaty bones, you may do them more harm than good?

I remember the first time I switched my dog onto a raw food diet, I was so apprehensive about whether I was getting things right for her and whether she might be sick or choke on them and I would in fact matters worse for her.

In the early days of feeding her a raw food diet, I had to overcome many of my own fears of what would happen to her if I got things wrong and I had so many questions which needed answering.

It took me hours and hours of study and some trial and error to get just the right balance for her.

The truth is though, that feeding my dog the raw meaty bones diet, transformed both our lives to such an extent that I went onto training my clients in raw feeding too!

Time after time, the amazing transformations begun to happen and my clients were raving about the incredible transformations they were witnessing with their animals once they ditched the processed pet foods and made the transition to a completely raw and natural species appropriate diet.

Well, now I want the same for you and your little furry friend. I want to help take all the stress and worry out of raw feeding and help you to feel super confident you know exactly what your doing, when it comes to feeding animals correctly and in the best way for them.

I really wish I knew what I know now when I first started out with raw feeding but because of my trial and error, you now have a step by step process which you can easily follow to fast track to awesome results of helping your dog and cat to thrive like they never have done before!!

So how do you get access to this information?

Depending on where you live in the world or how you like to study, I have produced this life changing training course in different formats, so everyone gets the chance to learn at a budget that suits them.

Simply Click On The Links Below For More Information.

My next LIVE EVENT: Half Day Raw Feeding Training Workshop in Swindon on APRIL 23rd 2017.

Only a few tickets left but CLICK HERE to book your place now.


Raw Feeding Training Manual:

What Your Dog is Begging For!

The safe and easy way to switch your cat and dog onto a raw food diet.

Kindle Version: CLICK HERE

PDF Download or Printed Copy: CLICK HERE

——————————————————————— ———–

Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Online Video Training Lectures:

Approx 3 hours study time broken into 27 short video training lectures so you can study at your own pace at home.


See my testimonial page for what others say about this training course and how it has helped their animals get better in a matter of a few weeks!

Once you have this important education under your belt, you will feel a confident raw meaty bones feeder and learn so much more about yourself and your animals in the process. It really is a very unique training course which will fast track your animals to the best shape they have ever been in their lives!

Contact me direct if you would like personal 1-2-1 training on any pet health or behavioural matter.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Nikki xx

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