Raw Feeding For Dogs


This section has been designed to help educate you to the many benefits of raw feeding for your dog or cat. Nikki helps all her clients to see the many benefits of raw feeding and the massive changes they will notice in both their dogs general health and behaviour when they make the switch from commercial dry or tinned pet food to raw meat and raw bone feeding.

Below you will find a selection of videos on the subject of raw feeding that you can study and research or pass onto your friends or family if you are helping them to make the switch. Watch all 8 videos to enable you to learn more about all aspects of raw feeding.

Video 1 Raw Dog Food For Little & Large Dogs.

Video 2 Introducing The Very First Raw Chicken Wind To Your Dog


Video 3 See Annie Chomping On A Raw Chicken Carcass

Video 4 See Elsa’s Gum Disease (4 out of 5 dogs on commercial pet food diet suffer in silence with very sore mouths.

Video 5 Real Dental Sticks!  The only way to ensure a happy and healthy smile from your dog!

Video 6 Even Puppies Need Raw Meaty Bones! See Charlie a 10 month old lab tuck into his chicken carcass.

See what the EDUCATED VETS say about raw meaty bones

Video 7 Dr Karen Becker Talks About How Your Dog Wont Contract Salmonella From Raw Meaty Bones.

Video 8 Dr Tom Lonsdale Talks About Why We Should Feed Our Dogs Raw Meaty Bones!

CLICK HERE to see how this remarkable vet has stood up against his own veterinary association for what he believes in.

Video 9 FACT!  Raw Meaty Bones Diet Is Cheaper Than Commercial Pet Food.

CLICK HERE to see how much money you can save by feeding your pets Raw Meaty Bones


version-2-book-plain-without-shadowIf you would like help with switching your dog or cat to a raw meaty bones diet you can purchase the full training manual “What Your Dog is Begging For! by CLICKING HERE

Alternatively,  if you would like personal tuition and pet diet and nutrition training from Nikki, you can now book skype and telephone sessions with her so she can answer all of your questions and help you and your pet make the transition from processed to raw feeding safely and easily.

To request more details of how to book your 1-2-1 mentoring sessions with Nikki, please first complete the Contact Form Questionnaire HERE


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