Raw Dog Food Diet Training Videos

Dog Raw Food Diet Training Videos

Welcome to my FREE Video training page, where you can learn visually and audibly about how to make the switch from processed pet foods to a natural and raw species appropriate diet of raw meaty bones for your carnivore pet.


banner-main-paw-animationTo begin your study into raw feeding for cats and dogs.. why not check out my radio interview with leading dog magazine DOG WORLD where I talk about the amazing benefits of feeding your animal their species appropriate diet: CLICK HERE  the interview.


Below you will find a selection of videos on the subject of raw feeding that you can study and research or pass onto your friends or family if you are helping them to make the switch.

I advise to  WATCH ALL 9 videos to gain as much information as you can.

Video 1 Raw Dog Food For Little & Large Dogs: This Video Shows how Raw Feeding is suitable for any sized dog. 

Video 2: How To Detox Your Pet’s System: It is vitally important to clear and cleanse as much of the old processed diet from your pet’s system before feeding any raw food. Natural Pet Vitality is THE ONLY PET SUPPLEMENT on the market which contains Fulvic acid. Fulvic acid has been used for centuries as natures most powerful detoxing agent. More can be learnt about Natural Pet Vitality by CLICKING HERE but here is a video on how to show how to make a really healthy protein drink for your dogs and cats. 

Introducing The Very First Raw Chicken Wing To Your Dog: Once you have put your dog or cat through is fasting period and cleansed the old diet from its system you can now give it its very first raw Chicken Meaty Bone. This video shows how they may investigate it and lick it before taking it into the mouth and using their back teeth to crunch through the bones. 


Video 3 See Annie Chomping On A Raw Chicken Carcass: Some butchers will give you their raw chicken carcasses for FREE, a great tasty and healthy meal for your dog. 

Video 4 See Elsa’s Gum Disease: with 4 out of 5 dogs and cats suffering with mouth decay caused by eating processed pet foods all their life,this video show you the signs to look for gum disease in their mouth. Feeding a cat or dog Raw Meaty Bones every day will help to brush and floss your pet’s mouth naturally. 

Video 5: How To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth The Natural Way: A fun video put together to show the beautiful smiles and teeth of raw fed dogs!! 

Video 6: Puppies Need Raw Meaty Bones Too! As soon as your new pup has teeth growing through, give them Chicken wing tips to chew on. It will promote a healthy strong mouth and will prevent them chewing your furniture or personal items. 

See What EDUCATED VETS Say About Raw Meaty Bones:

Video 7:  Dr Karen Becker Holistic Vet talks about the safety of feeding your pets raw meaty bones and why they thrive when you feed them this diet! 

Photo_Hawkesbury_Gazette_2Video 8: Dr Tom Lonsdale Talks About Why We Should Feed Our Dogs Raw Meaty Bones! CLICK HERE to see how this remarkable vet has stood up against his own veterinary association for what he believes in.

MoneydogVideo 9: FACT!  Raw Meaty Bones Diet Is Cheaper Than Commercial Pet Food. CLICK HERE to see how much money you can save by feeding your pets a Raw Meaty Bones Diet!!


Want to learn even more about Pet Diet & Nutrition? 

Why Not Order my Full 80 page EBook Training Manual Which Will Answer All Your Questions & Give You Step by Step Instructions On How To Make The Transition Safely & Effectively, Plus trouble shoot things like fussy eaters, pets with health issues, puppies, pregnant dogs. How to save money by feeding a natural diet and how to prevent and heal disease and behavioural problems with the right foods.    

version-2-book-plain-without-shadowIf you would like help with switching your dog or cat to a raw meaty bones diet you can purchase the full training manual “What Your Dog is Begging For! by CLICKING HERE

Alternatively,  if you would like personal tuition and pet diet and nutrition training from Nikki, you can now book skype and telephone sessions with her so she can answer all of your questions and help you and your pet make the transition from processed to raw feeding safely and easily.

To request more details of how to book your 1-2-1 mentoring sessions with Nikki, please first complete the Contact Form Questionnaire HERE


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