Paws Naturally Opens Its Doors For The First Time!

PROUD MOMENT: Lyn Thompson is the first student in history to receive her Level 1 Certificate in Canine Angel Natural Pet Health & Behaviour Practitioners Course

PROUD MOMENT: Lyn Thompson is the first student in history to receive her Level 1 Certificate in Canine Angel Natural Pet Health & Behaviour Practitioners Course: Photo Credit: CLINTIMAGES

I love a great success story where someone achieved their dreams through hard work, determination and self belief.

Two years ago, I launched the very first Canine Angel Natural Pet Health & Behaviour Practitioner’s Foundation Course, so I could teach others how to build a business doing what they love most, helping people and their pets to improve their health and well-being using totally natural means.

Lyn Thompson, initially signed up to my training course as she wanted to learn how to help her own dog, Barney, overcome his health and behavioural problems, which she soon achieved with great success. Excited about the positive changes she witnessed with Barney after putting all her new found knowledge into action, Lyn’s passion grew and she started to voluntarily help others with their pet problems and found she was helping them make significant changes to their pet’s health and behaviour too!

My main concern and issue to address with my work is that pet health and behavioural problems are significantly on the rise and its directly due to incorrect and very dangerous information being handed out by the commercial pet food industry and veterinary associations, rescue shelters, commercialised breeders and main stream advertisers.

This means the current commercial pet industry system is making billions of pounds in profit, through selling harmful and toxic processed pet foods, drug based treatments, toys, pesticide products and grooming products, all of which are directly linked to why so many animals are dying at a young age of serious diseases like Cancer, Canine Epilepsy and organ failure, just to name a few . This is of course, where the pharmaceutical companies are cashing in, by offering harsh drug treatments which are at best, just managing symptoms and not looking into what causes these problems in the first place.

My other huge concern is that rescue shelters all over the world, are full to the brim with animals who have been abandoned by their pet parents because they never received the correct information and never found the right solutions in time or they became too costly to fix.

I set up Canine Angel back in 2008, so I could help to reduce the numbers of early deaths and abandoned pets into rescue shelters. However, I soon realised that there is such a huge task out there to re-educate pet parents about natural and safe alternatives to their pet’s health and behavioural problems, so I set about putting my very first training course together, so I could enlist help with this task and provide an opportunity to help others achieve their dream of working with animals and making a living from it.

I knew from the first moment I met Lyn that she had what it takes to make it and she has been such a pleasurable student to work with, showing such passion, strength and determination to reach her goal. Lyn’s husband, John, is a tremendous support to her and they make a fantastic team and both have become personal and very dear friends of mine who I admire and cherish.

Lyn & John living the dream.

Lyn & John living the dream.

For the past 24 years, both of them have been running a successful business selling Doll’s Houses from their retail outlet in Chiselhurst.

They both decided that after all Lyn’s hard work and study, that it was time to peruse their dream of helping others learn about natural pet health and behavioural care and they wanted to provide a place to others where they could offer expert advice about diet and nutrition and supply them with healthy raw pet foods straight from the freezer!

At the end of February, they made a huge life changing decision and after a closing down sale, they closed the doors of the doll’s house shop at the end of March and spent the next two weeks totally transforming it into a beautifully designed natural pet store which they named PAWS NATURALLY!

On hearing the great news, I drove all the way down to Kent for their grand shop opening so I could present Lyn with her certificate. It was a proud moment for both of us because we both understood the amount of work we  have put in to make this dream happen! Check out the video below to see Lyn receiving her Level 1 Certification:

Lyn & John serving their very first customers on their Grand Opening Day!

Lyn & John serving their very first customers on their Grand Opening Day!

Paws Naturally has been perfectly designed in such a way that pet owners can come and get full advice, education and training on natural raw feeding and other health and behavioural issues from Lyn. With six huge chest freezers packed full of Raw Meaty Bones meals, and Raw BARF Mixes, there is now a place that dog owners can go to get their fresh meaty bones from.

Thanks to John, Paws Naturally are also offering home delivery services, so you can even get your dog and cat’s fresh raw meals delivered to your door! This will eventually be rolled out to a full Nationwide service.

Customers mingling in the shop with Barney.

Customers mingling in the shop with Barney.

Paws Naturally only stocks completely natural and safe products which have been tried and tested, such as, Natural Pet Vitality, coconut oil, natural remedies, grooming products and all natural and chemical free dog toys… And just wait until your dog enters the shop and gets a sniff of the wonderful array of natural dehydrated dog treats such as fish skins and antlers.

Customers can bring their dogs into the shop for weekly weighing and health & behavioural consultations with Lyn, which means she can offer a very personal 1-2-1 service with all her clients.

Lyn and John are currently building the Paws Naturally online shop so for those of you that live too far away to visit the real shop, you can still order online and they will deliver to anywhere in the UK!  CLICK HERE to visit their website.

ClintPaws Naturally is also working in conjunction with CLINT IMAGES so they can offer a pet photography service. I had the pleasure of meeting the very talented photographer, Clint Singh, who took the lovely photo of me and Lyn pictured at the top of this page.

Clint has a real natural talent of capturing the animal’s moods and emotions and has worked on projects for some major clients such as the “Be More Dog!” O2 campaign, front covers for Dogs Today and various pet book covers! Check out some of his amazing work by visiting his website: CLINTIMAGES

I am so proud of both Lyn and John for taking the leap of faith to make their dreams come true and It makes my heart smile with so much joy to know that many more pet parents are going to receive proper and correct education on Natural Health & Behavioural matters for their furry best friends.

Has Lyn’s Story Inspired You?

The Canine Angel Natural Pet Health & Behaviour Study Home Study Course

The Canine Angel Natural Pet Health & Behaviour Study Home Study Course

If it is your dream to work with animals, do what you love and get paid a living, then you too can now study the Canine Angel Natural Pet Health & Behaviour Practitioners Course, through either home study learning or through training workshops and 1-2-1 personal tuition from me.

Home Study Course CLICK HERE

1-2-1 training workshop and personal tuition from me, CLICK HERE 

Thanks a million and until my next post, let’s keep on working together towards a brighter future for our domesticated animal companions and get those numbers of early deaths and animal’s being handed into the rescue system reduced. Together we can make it happen.

Please share this story with your family and friends as it may just save another animal’s life.

Love, Light & All Things Bright,




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