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Hi I’m Nikki Brown, Thanks for stopping by to learn more about my work.

Nikki Brown – The UK’s Leading Natural Dog Whisperer.

Aka, “The Canine Angel” Helping Humans & Animals Worldwide.

Hi There, I’m Nikki Brown and I was born in London, UK in 1972. I live in the beautiful rural county of Shropshire, UK where I run two full time businesses, Canine Angel and Natural Fulvic Vitality. 

I earned my reputation as “The Canine Angel” through helping pet owners all over the world both, solve and prevent, health and behavioural problems using a 100% natural and holistic approach.

As an animal communicator, I can quickly identify with the animal where its problems are stemming from and what its most desired needs and wants are. Being able to bridge the gap in communication between the human and animal species means problems are more accruately identified and solved much faster than standard dog training methods can offer.

Field Qualifications In: 

  • Human Psychology
  • Dog Psychology
  • Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition
  • Holistic Health Care For Animals
  • Associate Member of the Canine Behaviour Centre

My passion and life’s mission is to be able to help spread what the animals have so generously shared with me over the years, so I can pass these gems of wisdom onto their humans which creates a very deep and trusting bond between the two species.

With the animal recuse centers being full to the brim with discarded and abandoned animals, it is my aim to inspire and educate humans on how these animals are thinking and why they are behaving in the way they do. This will mean that together we can reduce the numbers of animals entering these systems or being put to sleep, just because the real solution was found or it became to costly to fix.

338_25237556374_3063_n (1)During my 7 year study period study, I traveled around the globe, volunteering in animal rescue shelters in the UK, USA, and New Zealand.

It was in the rescue system where I met some of the most traumatised animals I have ever come across. Yet each animal wanted to share an important and unique lesson with me, so I could gain a deeper understanding of what it is they really need and want from us.

I experienced first-hand the extent of the challenges these shelters face. Their most challenging problem being, overcrowding and with so little resources to go around means many of the animals that end up in the shelters are sadly put to sleep.

I wanted to create a system whereby anyone of any age or background could also share the innate wisdom with which the animals shared with me, which meant we could all help reduce the numbers of animals entering the Animal Rescue System.

I have spent the last two decades creating natural solutions and protocols which create long lasting results!

I wanted to create a fun and easy way to coach, mentor and train people who either want to solve their own animal’s problems or who are looking to want to set up their own animal or pet related business.

I also wanted to reach a much wider audience with my training so have devised training programs which can be studied at home alone or with my personal 1-2-1 tuition. I also wanted to ensure that I created something which would improve the quality of life of the animals in their care, no matter what kind of budget someone had to spend.

About Nikki Brown UK Dog Whisperer folderMy major achievements include becoming an international online published author of “What Your Dog is Begging For!”

For me it was probably one of the hardest challenges of my career to date, but I was so proud when I made my first book sale, and received wonderful feedback that I had helped change another life.

I also write, blogs, articles and advice columns for international magazines related to the natural health industry.

I have appeared on TV, local and National Radio and Press.. please see my Media Page for more details.

cropped-NVP-BANNER-2.jpgI have just recently set up a new business venture called Natural Fulvic Vitality which provides Fulvic acid solutions to humans, animals and the soil.

IMG_0827In the summer of 2014, I achieved another life-long dream!  I spent an entire summer writing my very first complete training manual which contains everything I have learnt in the past 20 years.

If I thought my book was a tough challenge, this pushed me to my limits and beyond, but it feels incredible to now have this valuable training resource to be able to offer out into the world.  By writing this unique training course meant I could finally reach my next goal of teaching others how to do what I do so they could set up their own animal related business. 


presenting nikki

I took on my first 15 Natural Dog Whispering Students and all them have gone onto setting up their own business and helping others to find more natural and holistic solutions for animals.

We then filmed the 3 day workshop and have produced them into online video training courses for those who can’t make my live events.

It is an ongoing project and I am constantly working on creating more ways where more people can gain access to my work.

My future goals and ambitions are to be able to take forward my most trusted and dedicated students and team to build the UK’s first Natural Health & Rehabilitation center for both humans and animals. It is far too big a mission for me to complete on my own and I know so many others share the same vision, so for me it is about working together as the whole to provide a place where we can all share and learn.

This dream seems like a long way off but I strive every day to make this dream a reality. If you think you would like to be part of this dream and can offer help in any way to make it happen, please do contact me. I would love to hear from you.

If you would like to contact Nikki Brown for help, advice or personal mentoring then click on the link below and book in for your Assessment Session and let’s get working together as soon as we can!

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Click The Picture Below To Visit The Natural Fulvic Website & Download Your FREE eBook “The Fulvic Solution”


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