How To Stop Your Dog Pulling On The Lead & Making Choking Noises!

If you have ever cared or looked after a dog which pulls on the lead, you will know it can be one of the most frustrating and painful issues to come across.

It is in fact probably the number one issue I get called out to help with, so I felt an article maybe helpful to show you the best way of achieving a calm, balanced, safe and secure walk with your furry best friend.

Before I share my top tips for how to achieve a balanced walk with your dog, watch this short training video on why it is so important to start by providing your dog with the correct walking equipment on your walk:

Let’s Start By Looking At The Most DANGEROUS Methods & Equipment Which are Most Commonly Used: 

leashpulling1DANGEROUS & HARMFUL: Lead Attached To Collar or Slip Leads:

This common method puts you and your dog “out of balance” straight away! Leads attached to collars or slip rope leads add enormous pressure on the dog’s throat, thyroid gland, neck, spine, pelvis and leg joints, not to mention the pain and strain it puts on the human’s body too! 

Not only does this method put the dog and human out of balance and cause pain and injury to its body, it causes significant psychological imbalances too.

Just think for a moment how you would feel if you were attached to someone else by your throat and if you made an incorrect decision you would be yanked by the throat to be pulled back into line!

How would that make you feel? It would most certainly put your mind into a state of fear and anxiety, and perhaps even frustration or rage!  So is it any wonder why so many dogs are behaving unruly when attached to their humans?

And what about those dogs who have been so big and strong that they have pulled their humans over causing great injury and embarrassment not to mention loss of confidence, infact some of my clients have lost all confidence so they dont even take their dogs out for a walk anymore which then has a knock on effect at making the human feel guilty. So you see, lots of walking problems stem from all sorts of reasons and these need to be addressed along with a change in equipment.

Leads attached to collars are dangerous and in my opinion, they need to be banned as it is a form of animal abuse. Even if your dog walk’s nicely on the lead and collar and doesn’t pull, it only takes one jerk reaction for damage to be done.

Did you know, that all dogs who display aggressive tendencies, have issues with their thyroid glands which are located in the throat. Therefore it is extremely important that we take off pressure around the neck and transfer it to a much safer place on the dog’s body.

I have outlined below some of the more dangerous walking equipment which in my opinion should be banned as they cause a great deal of suffering and abuse to any animal that wears them: 

Lead pullingDANGEROUS & HARMFUL : Extendable or Retractable Leads: 

These have to be one of the most popular items sold for dogs walks, yet they are my biggest bugbear of all. They are so incredibly dangerous, for dog, for human and for other dogs who maybe interacting with a dog who is attached to a human with one of these lines.

To be honest most people who buy one of these soon, dump it in the bin as they realise what a nightmare it is to use and it offers no control whatsoever over the dog.

I mean, how can you  properly control a dog which is attached by such a thin wire? The same thin wire which can cause deep slices into the flesh like a cheese wire cutting through cheese.

I have witnessed numerous slices through flesh on my own dog, Annie, when she has interacted with a dog on of these leads and got tangled up in one of them!

1382418_594900653882243_2008741296_nSome people have nearly even lost their fingers when trying to grab the wire to pull their dog in. The wire gets wrapped around trees, bushes and lampposts and I’ve seen dogs dart out into the road nearly causing motor accidents when on one of these things!

Seriously please do not waste your money on one of these highly dangerous contraptions and if you are still using one of these, please put it in the bin and invest in some safe equipment before you cause an accident and put yourself & your dog through any more unnecessary harm or stress!

chokechain-1DANGEROUS & HARMFUL: Prong collars & Electric Shock Collars: 

I can’t believe anyone would buy one of these contraptions for their dogs but sadly they do! These are just barbaric and cause serious damage to a dog as seen in the image below!

flio0422jonah-01jpg-b744a9eeacfe0e0dCanine Angel will never support prong or electric shock collars and will continue to educate others about the dangers of them. This is the highest form of abuse and these contraptions need to be BANNED WORLDWIDE. 


DANGEROUS & HARMFUL: Halti Head Collars: 

thI do not think I have ever seen a “happy dog” with a Halti on and most hate them with a passion! I have to reiterate that anything that causes pain on a dog is a form of abuse, so when these contraptions rub and cause sores and infections on the dogs face, nose and eyes, then yes, that is abuse.  My other concern though, is the psychological effect these dangerous contraptions are causing our animals, such as fear, anxiety, irritability, rage, sadness and depression.

Think about it: “Just as we feel irritable if we are walking in shoes that don’t fit or that are rubbing, your dog will pull and misbehave on the lead if it does not feel comfortable with what you have provided for it.”

Dog’s cant talk to us and tell us how they are feeling and alot of misbehaviours are communication from them that they are not happy with something we are doing and they want us to change things.

The dog will just associate its walking equipment with pain and discomfort, perhaps a yelling at and even a smack, so when you get its lead and and say “Walkies”, it might starting jumping up or run for cover, trying to tell you that its not happy with the equipment you have provided for it.

Ensuring that you have the most comfortable and safe walking equipment for your dog will mean that you both will enjoy your walk together alot more and lead pulling becomes a thing of the past. It is worth investing some time and money into the proper equipment as it will save you even more money and heartache down the line.

So what is the “The safest and most comfortable dog walking equipment in the world?” I hear you ask!

Well I have tried and tested everything and the ONLY solution which I have found is one that both the human and the dog absolutely LOVE!

SAFE & COMFORTABLE: Hand Made Fleece or Airmesh Harnesses, with matching 2m Fleecy Training Lead.

As seen in the video at the top, it’s crucial that you get a hand-made harness to fit your dog like a glove so there is NO rubbing or chaffing anywhere.

splashy harnessPutting a good fitting harness on your dog will immediately help it feel safe and secure with you and by using the special lead wrap around technique which I developed, you can soon bring even the biggest and strongest dogs back into balance whilst they are attached to you.


For more information about Canine Angel’s Hand Made Harness Service CLICK HERE

Other Factors To Consider To Help You Achieve a Balanced Walk With Your Dog.

Now we have taken a look at equipment and learnt what is best for our furry friends, we need to ask ourselves some other questions if we wish to achieve a really happy, calm and balanced walk with our canine companions!

The first step to solving any kind of problem, is to first identify where it is stemming from and what are the factors that are causing it. For instance, “Behaviour” is just the “symptom”, it is NOT the “cause”.

For instance, If your dog is pulling on the lead, (behaviour) we need to ask “Why?” before just giving the dog a label and saying “He is Naughty!” or “He is just disobedient!” as that won’t solve anything.

So trying to just change the behaviour is not the most successful way to go about things, first of all you need to identify the actual causes. Let us take a look at some of the factors that might be causing issues out on your dog walk.

  1. What equipment is the dog wearing?  
  2. What state of mind is the dog in when he ventures outside into the big wide world? Is he happy and relaxed or anxious and fearful? Agitated or unbalanced in some way?
  3. What state of mind is the human in? Is the human happy and relaxed or are they also agitated, fearful, anxious or in some sort of physical pain which is effecting their energy and mood?
  4. What foods are being fed to the dog and human which may unbalance their natural energy flow? Toxicity, sugars, E numbers, chemicals etc found in processed foods play a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves and the world around us and effect our energy levels and moods.
  5. What medications are the dog or human on that might cause neurological, psychological or psychical symptoms that agitate the balance of your walk together?
  6. What about hormones, the nervous system and immune system? These can have an effect on both you and your animal companions state of mind and well-being.
  7. What environmental stress is around, such as noise and chemical pollution, other dogs, natural occurrences like weather or thunderstorms? Again, these can all play a significant part in looking at why dogs and humans are unbalanced on their dog walks.

A small example of this: Through Canine Angel’s Bio Resonance Therapy Service, we found high levels of pesticides in my dog’s system which were directly coming from the train track that we would cross every day on our walk. These toxins affected Annie’s pancreas, liver and kidney’s so much that it compromised her nervous and immune system and she developed nervous behaviour and would bolt at the slightest sound in her environment and begin shaking from head to toe!

E-Lybra-Scanner-titleWithout the aid of bio resonance, I would have never have located the exact cause and would have never received the right treatment for her to bring her nervous system and organs back into balance. Once she went through the Bio Resonance Therapy, she stopped bolting at the slightest sound and her confidence recovered again

I hope these tips have helped, but if you would like to study and learn more, then you can receive my training in a number of ways including: Private 1-2-1 mentoring and tuition through Skype, telephone and home visits, group training through seminars or workshops or self study through my home study course which as just been released into the market.

For more information visit the Canine Angel Training Centre CLICK HERE :

Please like and share this article and together we can help spread this important education which will result in many more pleasurable walks with our dogs!

Post Written By: Nikki Brown



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