Fulvic Acid For Humans, Animals, Plants & Soil


Welcome to the world of Natural Fulvic Vitality where you and your animal(s) will be happier, healthier and more full of energy. Kick start your new life here with mother nature’s gift to the earth and humanity.

We cannot exaggerate enough, how important the discovery of fulvic acid is to the health and well-being of plants, animals and humanity.

Coined, Nature’s Miracle Molecule, it quite literally is mother nature’s miraculous gift to all living species on the planet.

It’s the solution to so many mental and physical health problems that both humans and our animals face today.  Problems caused by; increased pollution in our environment and our food, lack of adequate resources for food growth and mineral and nutrient deficient diets as a result.

Mother Natures Gift To Us All

In the beginning, Mother Nature provided all her living creatures to be healthy, happy and full of vitality right the way through the food chain. It makes sense then doesn’t it, that since all living things have biological elements in common – from plants and insects to human beings – that there are certain elements we all need to be in order to thrive and not just survive.

The scientific consensus suggests that to maintain life, we need at least 90 nutrients to be able to sustain life. This includes 63 to 74 minerals and trace elements, 16 vitamins and 12 amino and 13 fatty acids. Without these minerals, it makes no difference how many vitamins are pumped into the body, they can’t be absorbed. Nature has a solution to this problem in the form of a miracle molecule. It’s called fulvic acid.

Where Does Fulvic Acid Come From? 

In short, it comes from deep within the earth. Formed over millions of years as part of the carbon cycle, Fulvic acids are the low-molecular weight fraction of a group of compounds called humic substances.

Over millions of years via microbial metabolism of decaying vegetation, fulvic acids are formed through the same process which forms coal and eventually, diamonds.


Humic substances can be found everywhere and arise from the microbial decay of plant and animal residues in the environment.

They can be divided into:

  1. Humic acid,
  2. Fulvic acid
  3. Humin on the basis of the solubility in water as a function of pH.

Humic acids have a higher molecular weight but have a slightly different chemical composition than fulvic acids.

However, due to the oxygen content and the affinity to bind nutrients, enzymes and toxins, it is fulvic acid, and not humic acid, which is more suited to promote plant, animal and human health.

Modern Farming Methods, Pesticides & Chemical Toxins

Available since the beginning of time, fulvic acid once had a presence in our food chain and still does in much of the Eastern world where it is used for healing and disease prevention.

imagesSadly, in the West, due to modern methods of farming, we are now bombarded with chemicals and toxins in our environment, which nature never intended for us to be exposed to.

This has resulted in all forms life on the planet are now having to work so much harder to survive let alone, THRIVE!

In toxin-free organic pasture, plants will absorb and retain small quantities of fulvic acids from the soil as a normal part of their way of accessing mineral nutrients like iron, zinc, manganese and copper.

Once absorbed, fulvic acids have been shown to stimulate the metabolic activity of plants. This benefit was then passed on to animals and humans through consumption of this fulvic acid rich vegetation.

Since many of us cannot access these fulvic acids naturally from the food chain as even today’s fresh organic produce is still somewhat mineral deficient, we must look to other sources for the answer.

What is Fulvic Acid? 

The use of fulvic acid in both human & animal health is growing rapidly in popularity due to the ever-growing list of positive research articles being published and some people have referred to it as a ‘magic’ ingredient.

Fulvic acid is special. It is the most efficient and effective ‘balancer’ available on the planet today, Whether it is given to a dog, cat, rabbit, horse, a hydrangea or a human, it works in exactly the same way. Not only will it help to add all 75 Trace Minerals back into the system, it also removes toxins from the cell and allows it to function as it was designed to.

Fulvic acid is one of nature’s most powerful electrolytes and when given to humans, animals and plants, fulvic acid has the ability to balance the electrical chemistry of the cell providing conditions for optimal health.

How Fulvic Acid Works:


  • It dissolves large mineral molecules and the nutrients it comes in contact with for easy utilisation by the cells.
  • It is the substance that transports nutrients directly into the cells.
  • Makes cell walls more permeable to allow nutrients to readily pass through
  • Is a powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger
  • Detoxifies the body, flushing heavy metals and toxins from the system
  • Boosts immune system function and increases energy
  • Increases enzyme activity for maximum absorption of all nutrients
  • Decreases acids in body fluids and boosts the absorption of oxygen


“Fulvic acid has been around for centuries, yet, where it is absent, disease, ill health and discontent are prevalent.”

Disease can only manifest when toxins are allowed to accumulate in the cells of the body and nutrition is poor. If we can remove toxins from the cell and replace our vital nutrients back into our food chain then we can regain full health and vitality on our planet and for its inhabitants.

Dr William R. Jackson has shown in field trials that when given to plants, fulvic acid can enhance the immunity to such an extent that insects or parasites cannot even land on the leaf, let alone take a bite.

LocustIt has been suggested that a locust can detect a sick plant from over 100 miles away and the ‘detection’ is of a poor electrical energy.

The mechanism of locust attraction to a plant is the same as the attraction between the positive and negative poles of two magnets.

A positive locust will be attracted and stick to a negative plant.

However, if the plant is well nourished and therefore has a positive electrical chemistry, it will naturally repel the locust.

Plants grown in nutrient (fulvic acid) deficient soil, caused by the use of in-organic fertilisers, attract pests and insects for the exact same reason. Locusts are nature’s dust-bin men. Without them, and insects like them, we would be over-run with waste.

This same principle can be applied to humans and animals and it is one of the believed reasons that there is a reported decrease in the frequency and infections following prolonged use of fulvic acid containing supplements.

 Early Research & Study on Livestock Animals

Early experiments regarding the use of Fulvic Acid in animal health were conducted by Dr. Charles S. Hansen, D.V.M. in the state of California from the early 1960’s through to 1967.

Dr. Hansen’s used Fulvic Acid as a feed additive with different animal subjects and after two months of supplementation, the results showed dramatic health and behaviour improvements on all the animals during the study.

Dairy Cows 


  • No bacterial or viral infections.
  • Herd of over 300, after 3, increased butterfat production by 15%.
  • Experienced more complete digestion.
  • Cut back on high protein rations with no decrease in production.

Cows with bacterial infection (mastitis) treated with 1 pint of fulvic acid solution recovered to full production in 12 to 24 hours whereas when using antibiotics to treat mastitis the recovery was only 50%-70% after 2-3 weeks.


  •  Experienced better and more complete digestion.
  •  In 36 hours acted as an excellent Vermifuge (Deworming agent).
  • The supplement completely eliminated Necro, a bloody diarrhoea in pigs.



  •  Experienced more complete digestion.
  •  When on the supplement were less vicious, more docile.
  •  Supplemented animals ceased fur chewing.
  •  Successfully eliminated most diseases common to mink herds.



  •  Supplementing to feed acted as a vermifuge.
  •  Pullets given supplement were free of most diseases.
  •  Experienced more complete digestion of other feeds in diet.
  •  Pullets on the supplement produced eggs of superior shell hardness and quality.

Disease costs farms thousands of pounds each year; whether this be treating the disease or preventing it. Sometimes diseases can be catastrophic to agricultural business as whole herds of livestock have to be destroyed. If you can eliminate common diseases, and reduce the need for veterinary intervention, then profit margins will increase.

What about Our Pet Animals? 

Although scientific research is vital for understanding the mechanisms of action and safety of fulvic acid, testimonials from pet owners who use our Natural Pet Vitality supplement can be equally as effective for explaining how versatile fulvic acid can be.


The benefit of fulvic acid supplementation for horses, ponies and donkeys is similar to that of any animal.

Many conditions which the equine family suffer from are not ‘normal’ and can be easily prevented by applying balanced nutrition and preventing a prolonged accumulation of toxins.

The following diagram is a summary of areas improvement has been seen and reported by equine enthusiasts who are using fulvic acid as part of their daily feed regime.

horse fulvic

The following diagram is a summary of areas of improvement which have been seen and reported by dog and cat owners who are using Natural Pet Vitality as part of their daily feed regime:

Dog Fulvic

It seems that the cost of veterinary services for our livestock & household pets has increased dramatically over the last couple of decades and it is no coincidence that many insurance companies are now offering animal related insurance.

In some cases veterinary bills can be so high that it can leave animal owners with no choice but to destroy them. Such situations can be prevented if fulvic acid can be reintroduced into your animal’s food chain. We say reintroduced because this isn’t something that’s entirely new, it has simply been forgotten about.

It is not just Veterinary bills that are increasing, pet behaviourist bills are steadily on the rise too!

aggressive-smallDigestive imbalances can make an animal fearful, nervous and quite often aggressive. Over 70% of aggressive dogs are found to have liver, pancreases and thyroid problems.

Many pet owners are still very unaware of how todays modern pet food diets, vaccines and prescribed medication can significantly contribute to the poor health and behaviour of their animal companions. With this deadly concoction of chemicals we are routinely pouring into our pets on a daily basis, is it no wonder many of them are dying at such young ages with organ failure or serious diseases such as epilepsy or cancer?

toxic cansIf an animal is continually fed a commercially processed diet through its entire lifetime, the chances of that animal manifesting disease and behavioural problems will increase significantly.

Most commercially prepared pet foods contain many ingredients that are low in nutrition and high in toxicity and when fed over a period of time can have serious consequences to the animal’s overall health and well-being.

It stands to reason that by changing the animal’s diet to the raw natural foods, it was designed to eat, the animal’s health and well-being will naturally transform for the better.

We need to be aware though that as the animal undergoes a change in diet, a detoxification process will occur where the animal’s internal systems will start to release the stored fats and unhealthy toxins that the processed foods contain.

We need to offer support to the internal organs and systems throughout this process and this is where fulvic acid begins to work its magic. Its naturally occurring enzymes will enable to toxins to attach to the fulvic acid and be filtered through the filtering organs such as the liver, kidney and skin safely.

What About Humans?

Considering most of our soils are intoxicated with powerful pesticides and chemicals, our air is polluted with toxic gases and fumes and clean pure drinking water is becoming harder to find, we must look at what we can do to help our systems deal with the amount of toxins we are subjected to on a daily basis.


More and more of us are trying to live healthier lifestyles by buying organic food, buying bottled mineral water, and using less chemicals around the home and garden, but we do not seem to be able to escape some form of pollution as soon as we step outside the door.

With 1 in 2 people now being diagnosed with some form of cancer, we need to look to our origins for the answers. We need to go back to a more natural lifestyle and get out of the habits of buying chemicals in all our daily products.

We need to source more local organic farmers and support them, buy their crops and livestock from them. We can ask them if they can add fulvic acid minerals to their soil and livestock feeds, so we know the food we are consuming is mineral rich and toxin free.

We can directly purchase rich sources of fulvic acid minerals in the form of dietary supplements from Natural Fulvic Vitality for both ourselves and our animals. We can purchase fulvic acid liquids to place on our gardens and soils to help them maintain their vital nutrients and cut down or completely eradicate the need for pesticides.


Natural Fulvic Vitality is a brand new UK based company which is currently being set up by the founder of Canine Angel, and author of “What Your Dog is Begging For”Nikki Brown. 

version-2-book-plain-without-shadowNikki’s mission is to help to spread awareness of the benefits of fulvic acid and offer a range of products to help clean up our gardens, our farms, our water systems our pets and ourselves.

Having used these products on herself and her clients for almost a decade, Nikki says:

“Most of us are aware of the amount of chemicals and toxins that we are being forced to be subjected to on a daily basis, are not good for our health or vitality and are in fact making us, our plants, animals and planet really sick.”  

“We may not feel we have much control over the situation but there are ways we can take our control back.” 

“Mother Nature has provided a very simple solution for us all and the answer lays right beneath our feet. We have the technology to dig deep into the earth where the richest and most organic source of fulvic acid is found, bring it up to the surface and distribute it among us all, so we can all live healthier and longer disease free lives. 

“I have seen time and time again, health and behavioural problems begin to completely disappear once a good fulvic acid supplement is added back into the food chain and levels of toxicity are eradicated!” 

The New Natural Fulvic Vitality website is currently being set up and will be available to view and purchase your fulvic acid products from in early 2015.

However, we have set up a temporary webpage where you can purchase your fulvic acid products by clicking the links below:

human PotsHuman Fulvic Acid Supplement-





fulvic100gbag2 (1)Natural Pet Vitality Supplements

For All types of Animals




Article written by Nikki Brown

Founder of Canine Angel & Natural Fulvic Vitality.






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