Dog Aggression

Dog Aggression is on the rise and one of the biggest behavioural issues dog owners face today, whether it it their own dog or another they meet down the park, owning a dog probably means you will encounter some level of dog aggression and it can be pretty unnerving when you do.

There are many types of dog aggression and many different factors can contribute towards your feeling the need to express himself in this way.

One of the biggest problems dog owners face is owning or meeting a dog that becomes aggressive on and off the lead. It can be embarrassing if you own a dog that barks and lunges at other dogs, joggers, bikes or small children and it can be terryfying if you are on the other side and have a dog like that come up to you. It can make walking your dog a challenge instead of a pleasure.

Nikki specialises in correctly diagnosing and correcting dog aggression and it is wise to havea personal 1-2-1 session with Nikki to help you turn your dog around and regain balance again. Nikki uses completely natural methods to deal with dog aggression by using change of diet, and non verbal communication, behavioural therapy and a variety of natural treatments depending on where the aggression is coming from.

The following videos cover dog aggression out on the walk and in the home.

How To Stop Your Dog From being Aggressive On And Off The Lead.

Nikki shows by using the correct walking equipment and teaching you dog signals, body language, and natural correction methods how you can gain control over your dog.

If your dog is showing aggression towards anything or anyone, contact Nikki or another dog professional, Please do not leave it untreated as it can escalate out of control.

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