Do You Lead Like A Wolf Or Follow Like A Sheep?

wolf-sheeps-clothingHow do you see yourself in life? Are you a natural born leader like the wolf or are you quite happy to follow the crowd like the sheep?

Of course it may depend on the circumstances in which you find yourself in too whether you choose to become a wolf or a sheep.

I will give you an example of what I mean….

My great uncle fought in the Vietnam war and his entire troop was ordered to cross a particular section of forest.

My uncle’s keen senses told him that if his troop went through this part of the forest none of them would come out alive.

He tried warning his troop about his instinct and he suggested they take a safer but longer path around this section of forest.

No one would listen to my uncle, so he was faced with a huge decision. Should he be a sheep and follow his leaders orders and go with the group or should he be the wolf and let his keen senses take him to find a new and safer path?

My uncle decided to become the wolf and made the decision to take his own path around the forest and he went alone as no one would go with him.

Luckily he made the right decision by listening to his gut.

Just as he had sensed, there was extreme danger for his troop crossing that section of the forest. They entered into the forest and every single one of them was blown up and killed….

None of them came out alive.

My uncle was the only survivor that day.. I could see the sadness in his eyes as he talked about what happened that day but I knew he was telling me this story for another reason.

In Native American teachings, the wolf is known as the greatest teacher and is the pathfinder. It is the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the pack to teach and share its lessons.

My uncle was 92 years old when he told me this story and being the wolf that he was, he wanted to share the lesson or moral in the story…

He Said; “Never be afraid of your gut instinct, always TRUST & follow it because it is ALWAYS right!”

Those words of wisdom have served me well throughout my life and especially in this line of work! But I always did wonder, “what would have I have done in his situation?”

Would I have followed the crowd or would I have done what he did and had the courage to stand alone and trust in myself when I was absolutely terrified?

I would like to think that I would trust my gut and if it says “RUN”.. I would RUN!

The wolf has keen senses that far exceed ours, and somehow that’s how I knew my uncle was of wolf spirit, because he sensed the danger that lay ahead and  no one else around him could.

I have spent time and company with wild wolves and I found an enormous sense of family within the pack as well as them possessing an individualistic mindset and urge to make their own decisions.

It made me realise why human and canine get along so well.

You see, just like the wolf, us humans still have the need to be part of a group or what we call “society” and yet we still wish to embody our own individual dreams and ideas.

I found that when I got up close to the wolf, a deep understanding of our domesticated canines became clear to me.

I have always said that the animals have been my best teachers along my journey in life and actually standing next to the greatest teacher of them all was such a humbling and honourable experience for me.

Somehow they make you face the truth about yourself, if you are stood there in the company of the wolf and you carry fear, nervousness, anger or hostility then the wolf won’t want to come near you. They will simply walk on past you and go up to someone else who is projecting more balanced and fun energy.


When they do come up to you, time stands still and it is in those moments you feel their awesome power, strength and wisdom surge through you and reach your deepest inner core.

I have been thinking about how I would love to go and see the wolves again and how it might be fun to take some people with me on my next wolf adventure.

I have booked a date in October to visit the wolf sanctuary and I am looking for the right people to join me on this incredible life changing experience.

So..if meeting the KING of the canine species up close is something you have always wanted to do, then click the link below for more information about this wonderful opportunity….


The course is running on 14th/15th & 16th of October  and there are still a few places left and don’t forget there is an early bird discount for those who book on the course BEFORE September the 14th 2015.

I can promise you one thing, it will be an experience that will stay etched in your memory forever!

I can’t wait to go back again and I hope you can join me this time!

Until next time,
Keep warm and happy and enjoy the Autumn Bloom.

Nikki xxx

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