Deer Medicine Brings Gentleness To Our Hearts

j0262568Each week, as I tune into the energy that the animals are sending our way, I open my eyes, ears, heart and mind to them so I  can begin to understand the great medicine, wisdom and lessons they have to share with us.



12642863_10153423180011375_7738273041655316404_nLast week, It was the energy and spirit of the eagle I felt coming through strong.

I felt sharp and on my game, with my eyes completely focused on my mission.

I felt as if I was flying high and taking in my environment from a totally different perspective.



A perspective which allowed me to see much further than I could if I was on the ground and one which enabled me to learn about what’s coming into my life and what’s leaving it, helping me to understand my life better.

Looking at things from a higher perspective allows me to learn the art of divine timing and know when to hold back and float around and when to dive in deep and go in for the strike.

maxresdefaultThis week, the deer have been calling out to me, well perhaps I should say, more, whispering to me in a cute and playful way.

The Deer’s medicine, wisdom and lesson is about gentleness and how to heal even the hardest or broken of hearts.

In the Native American legends, the story goes that fawn heard The Great Spirit calling her from the top of sacred mountain, so she immediately started climbing her way up the trail to the top to reach him.

On the way up she came across a demon who wanted to stop all beings of creation from connecting with the Great Spirit.  This is so he could make himself feel more powerful and be capable of making them fear him and he could then control them.

Fawn however had other ideas, she was not like the other creatures and who were afraid of the demon, she just gently said, “Excuse me, please let me pass, I am on the way to see the Great Spirit.!”

Because fawn eyes were so full of love, the over-sized bully of a demon was so shocked by her lack of fear for him, that she completely penetrated his hardened and ugly heart so it began to melt.

Fawn’s persistent love and gentleness had caused the meltdown of the demon and now the path the the Great Spirit is Free for all beings to walk safely through.

Deer is reminding us all this week, “To use the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of the ones who are trying to block us or hold us back from reaching our full potential in our lives!” 

Deer also reminds us that, “The demons can also be the thoughts you have in your mind, so be sure to be gentle and loving towards yourself also!”

The medicine that deer brings is:  “Stop trying to get others to change, love and accept them as they are!”

This goes for how you feel about yourself too as we are always trying to improve ourselves and think “I will be happy when I loose weight, I will be happy when I am in a relationship, I will be happy when …..”

Fill in the blanks yourself, but the main point is  to look at those parts of ourselves that are waiting for happiness and not directing our minds to the lighter and brighter side of life and realise we have alot in our lives to feel grateful for already.

Happiness is a choice and when you begin with making yourself happy first then deer’s medicine has worked its magic.

downloadDeer reminds us, “To solve the current dilemma we are facing, we would be wise to become like the summer breeze – warm and caring!”  Demons of fear cannot exist in the same place that love and compassion do.

Our lesson is: “To learn how to give & receive unconditional love!” – which means allowing each other the freedom to be our true authentic selves, so we can fully use the creative gifts we have all been given, as a tool to help this planet thrive.

Once we release the fears that bind us and hold us back by using the love in our heart centers, balance and harmony will return to our lives.

I think the Eagle and the Deer have wise lessons for us, keep focused on your goal but be gentle with yourself and others along the way.  I am reminding myself to do things that I love to do and that make me happy every day for then I know I have a happy life.

I created the video which you can view below as a simple guide to feeling happy which I hope you find relaxing.

Until next time,

Love and light and all things bright,

Nikki xx




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