Dangers of Attaching A Lead To A Dog’s Collar

leashpulling1 One of the most painful and frustrating issues of caring for a dog can be when it pulls on the lead.

Not only can it cause embarrassment and frustration when you are constantly being dragged for a walk by your dog, but it can cause you injury through strain to your neck, back, shoulders, arms, pelvis, knees ankles and feet.

Using the wrong kind of walking equipment can also cause both minor and serious injury to your dog’s spine, neck and nervous system which can lead to both health & behavioural problems, which you may not even realise is linked to your dog’s walking equipment.

Walking Equipment To Avoid At All Costs:

anx-dog-advancedLead Attached To Collar:

As you can see this method puts your dog out of balance straight away.

This is the most common method of attaching a lead to your dog and most pet shops sell an array of different types of collars and leads in different colours and styles.

The problem with this set up is the lead is attached to the dogs throat and neck area and if the dog pulls it will choke its self and can cause serious damage to the windpipe, neck, spine, pelvis, legs, joints and feet.

Attaching a lead to an animal’s collar will cause it much discomfort and in fact make the animal want to pull even more so it can try and escape the pain it is enduring.

Not just that, but it can cause great damage to the thyroid gland which is located in the throat. This can bring about Canine Hypothyroidism which is becoming a much more common disease within our domesticated dogs than ever before.

iStock_000010634820SmallDamaging the thyroid gland is serious and can lead to behavioural problems also. With over 80% of aggressive dogs having damaged thyroid glands, it is easy to see how again the human has caused these problems but not providing the safest and most comfortable equipment for their dog.

Using the collar and lead method does not provide the human with much control either. If the attached animal is to rise or pull up, it will immediately put the human off their centre of balance, causing them to trip or fall or injure themselves in some way.

Even if an animal walks nicely on the lead attached to the collar, it is still a very dangerous method as if the dog needs to move suddenly say from an oncoming car, or another dog attempting play or an attack, the dog will rise up and be yanked, which can cause some serious damage to the animal’s spine and nerve system.

This method should be avoided at ALL costs!

Extendable or Retractable Leads:

Lead pullingThese leads are generally bought by pet parents who are too afraid to let their dog off the lead for fear of it running away or getting into trouble with other dogs.

The human feels that by using the extendable lead the dog can get more freedom and more exercise. Nothing could actually be further from the truth and these contraptions are highly dangerous and need to be banned.

The extractable lead puts the dog way out in front of the dog handle little offer little or NO control and puts both themselves and their animal off balance.

Look at how much strain in on the dog’s neck in the above image. Neither the dog or the human is in balance.

These contraptions are so dangerous and I have witnessed injuries to humans and dogs who come into contact with them.

I have encountered many pet parents on my daily walks who use these awful contraptions and several times their dog has got tangled up with my own dog and caused slicing or skin injuries to my dog.

Therefore these are not just a danger to the dog and human but all other dogs that come into contact with them on their walk

1382418_594900653882243_2008741296_nHere is a picture of a lady who had her dog out on full extension when another dog approached her dog.

Her instinct was to grab the extension wire and pull her dog into her to protect it, but her dog pulled the other way and the wire sliced through her finger, like a wire cutting through cheese.

This lady was lucky not to lose her finger but lesson learned she threw the extendable lead in the bin and invested into some safer equipment.

Please never support these contraptions and continue to educate other pet parents about the dangers of them. IT is far better to invest in getting help with training your dog to behave in a calm balanced manner in the outside world than it is to just buy one of these and not fully address your fears of why you can’t let your dog off lead.


Choke Chains & Prong Collars:

chokechain-1These are the most barbaric of walking equipment to use on your dog and again it would be the novice dog handler who would maybe try one of these lethal contraptions to try and correct their dogs pulling or problematic behaviour on the walk.

You will see these items on many of the larger dangerous breeds such as  the Pit Bull or Rottweiler and are used not to just control these strong breeds but to make the appear dangerous and act as status symbols or weapons.

However, sadly choke chains are still used on many other smaller breeds as the novice dog owner believes this is the only way they can control their dog from pulling on the lead.

flio0422jonah-01jpg-b744a9eeacfe0e0dCanine Angel will NEVER support these kinds of walking equipment and will continue to educate dog owners on the dangers of them and help the novice dog handler to first of all understand why the dog is showing problematic behaviour on the lead and train on much more suitable and effect equipment to use that both the dog and owner can enjoy.

Here is a picture of the types of injury that these items can cause to a dog and this should never be tolerated, let alone be legal as it is nothing short of animal abuse. 


thAgain many pet parents will choose the Halti as a way to train their dog to stop pulling on the lead.

I do not think I have ever seen a “happy dog” with a Halti on. Most of the dogs hate them with a passion.

To have something put over their nose under their eyes (which is a very sensitive part of the dogs anatomy) and then to be pulled around by its face is no fun for the dog at all.

I have seen many sores and cuts where the Halti rubs the dog’s nose and eye infections can break out due to the constant rubbing of the webbed material on the dog’s nose.

Many dogs become depressed with the Halti and this can cause deep psychological problems to the dog which can manifest in numerous ways.

Ensuring that you have the most comfortable and safe walking equipment for your dog will mean that you both will enjoy your walk together alot more and lead pulling becomes a thing of the past.

Annie Pendant 6First & foremost, collars should ONLY ever be used for decoration or to hold a name tag or a Bio resonance E-Pendant as shown in this picture.

Just as we feel irritable if we are walking in shoes that don’t fit or that are rubbing us, your dog will pull and misbehave on the lead if it does not feel comfortable with what you have provided it or if it does not fit properly and rubs sores on it.

bellus woods easter bank holoday 2014 022Investing into made to measure equipment is the wisest choice to make and is the ONLY choice I make for my own dog.

Canine Angel only offers made to measure equipment because it is important for me to provide my customers a perfect fit first time and something they and their dog absolutely LOVE!

The special thing about our hand-made harnesses is we make them so they sit on exactly the right place on the rib cage so there is NO rubbing or chaffing behind the front legs or anywhere on the dog for that matter.

IMG_3148We only use the highest grade soft fleece or for dogs that love to get wet, we use our fantastic new airmesh material that keeps shape when wet and dries super quick!

You can even have something special embroidered on the harness like your dog’s name, or that it is a deaf dog or perhaps a service dog.

For more details about our special MADE TO MEASURE range CLICK HERE.


If you would like personal 1-2-1 training on how to achieve a calm balanced walk with your dog, then please contact me at nikki@canineangel.co.uk for further details.



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