Bioresonance Therapy For Animals & Humans

Bioresonance Therapy is the latest in fantastic, cutting edge technology & is a completely natural and holistic approach to aid both humans & animals with their physical, mental and emotional health imbalances.

Bioresonance Therapy: Discover How To Bring Yourself & Your Animals Back Into Full Health & Well-Being,With Our Cutting Edge Technology In Energetic Medicine!

Bioresonance Therapy is Bio-energetic balancing and is based on the principle that the body retains a quantum memory of everything experienced, both positive & negative.

Throughout life, the accumulated negative effects of mental & physical traumas gradually begin to impede the free flow of vital energy around the energetic field of the body, which can result in poor physical health, mental & emotional disorders.

By re-balancing the energy system we can aid the body to heal naturally and return back to full health and vitality, which means so many of the symptomatic health & behaviour problems reside or disappear altogether.

Bioresonance Therapy works with one of the most advanced & effective bio-resonance balancing & remedy selection systems in energetic medicine called The E-Lybra Scanner.

E-Lybra-Scanner Bioresonance therapy Canine Angel Nikki BrownThis revolutionary, fully automatic PC-based analysis, tests for over 285,000 different imbalances, disorders (physical & psychological) & destructive substances.

The test runs through 150 categories including:

  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Parasites
  • Toxins
  • Fungi
  • Cardiovascular
  • Urinary
  • Digestive
  • Reproductive
  • Flower essences and all natural remedies

It will also scan the entire body for psychical imbalances including:

  • Digestive Disorders
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Skin Complaints
  • Allergies
  • Bacteria & Viral Infections
  • Joint & Muscles
  • Brain imbalances
  • Organs & Glands
  • And a whole lot more…

We also offer a psychological scan for mental & emotional imbalances including:

  • Fear & Nervousness
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Depression & Sadness
  • Anger & Frustration
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders
  • And much more….

“The E-Lybra not only scans the entire body for imbalances but also gives a comprehensive Energy Balancing Session, tailored specifically to the patient!” 

To run the E-Lybra test we will need a hair, feather or wool sample from yourself or your animal. Simply send us the sample and we will do the scan for you.

Please Note: This energetic (not medical) test scans the hair sample so it can detect imbalances in the body, including those that are genetically innate. It is safe and can be used to aid numerous chronic or underlying physical, mental & emotional issues that may be present in the human and animal’s entire systems.

Once the witness sample has been scanned the E-Lybra will pick up all imbalances found in the system and produce an extensive report of its findings.

Once the imbalances have been located, the E-lybra will begin a balancing session, where it will begin to choose from a database of over 2 million natural homeopathic, flower and herbal remedies, along with nutritional factors.

It then will specifically tailor make the exact Bioresonance Formula needed to help rectify any imbalances found.

It will begin work straight away and many of the imbalances are balanced out on this session, but the real magic take place when you receive the fully charged E-Pendant which is loaded with frequencies of the specific remedies the test has selected.

Introducing The Fantastic E-Pendant! 

01675628dd-ePendant_250w188hThe Bioresonance system produces all the necessary remedies for you or your animal, in a complex Bioresonance formula at the correct potency in the E-Pendant.

The test analyses the imbalances & runs through an extensive list of Bioresonance Remedies, Herbs, Flower Essences & Nutritional Factors, which makes it the most complete source of natural and holistic remedies available.

The subject responds through a resonance & biofeedback mechanism, in other words, a communication between the human or animal & the system.

The E-pendant can be worn around your neck or carried in your pocket for a period of three months, so you can receive the energy balancing treatment without the need to remember to take any pills or potions.

Annie Pendant 6For animals, The E-Pendant can be attached to your pet’s collar with a key ring or placed in their bedding for a period of three months. This means the animal will receive the energy balancing treatment 24 hours a day over the allocated time period.

For horses we suggest to attach to their rug if they have one or you can attach it to a tight plait in the horses main. For birds and reptiles, you can place in their cage or tank.

Please Note: because this is an electronic device we do not suggest putting it in water, a little rain water though, won’t hurt it.


For more information about our Bioresonance Service, please contact Nikki HERE to request our brochure and price list.


See what Nikki has to say about her own experience with Bioresonance and how it is helping her human and animal clients:

Nikki says: “I have been uncovering some very interesting findings when using the test on my clients & animals…” 

“I first used Bioresonance Therapy on myself a few years back after having a miscarriage. I was an emotional mess to say the least and my whole system was in havoc. After wearing the E-Pendant for 4 days, I could feel myself returning to balance, I begun sleeping and eating properly again and I stopped the constant crying and started to feel more positive about my life again!  

I was so impressed with the treatment, I decided to try it, on my own dog, Annie. She was suffering with nervous fear of the steam trains that run through our valley. She would tuck her tail under and run back to the car, every time she saw one. Again it took 4-5 days for the treatment to begin working and to my amazement, on day 5, she didn’t even bat an eyelid, when the steam train went past, and hasn’t been scared of them ever since!

I begun offering the treatment to my clients & their animals and have uncovered some some shocking findings. The scan is picking up high levels of toxins in our pet’s system, things like vaccines, prescription drugs, pesticides, toxic dyes, bacteria and both human and animal viruses.  

Whilst finding these in your pet’s system might be a shock, it helps us to learn how today’s polluted medications, foods, water and soils are effecting us all on every level.

For example, one dog we tested we found high levels of newspaper dyes in its system. It turned out that the owner was using newspaper in the crate in the back of the car and her dog would rip and tear up the paper on their car journeys. Without the test we would have been none the wiser and a simple change of replacing the newspaper with a blanket helped to control the levels of toxic dye he was being subjected too.

Another client of mine found high levels of toxic dyes in her dog’s system, which we linked to his favourite orange ball. On writing to the ball company for a list of ingredients, we were really shocked to see what chemicals they use in dog toys! Considering these toys are put directly into dog’s mouths, we need to be much more aware of the dangers this is presenting to our beloved friends.

It is also incredibly fascinating to see the psychological scan results as these often bring up certain emotions the animal’s owner is also feeling, which just goes to show that our animals are very much in tune with us.

With the amount of toxic substances we are subjected to on a daily basis, I think of the Bio Resonance test like a MOT for your car. At least once a year, it would be a good idea to get yourself and your animals tested & treated, to ensure great health and vitality is restored.

What ever health or behavioural problem, you or your animal is suffering with, we can help by providing you totally natural solutions through Bio Resonance therapy, natural diets, supplements and a whole host more!”

If you have any questions please contact me by email: and I will be happy to assist.






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