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What Can You Do To Prevent Your Dog From Getting Both Minor & Major Life Threatening Illness?

Nikki firmly believes that we can prevent alot of suffering and illness that our pets face, by educating ourselves more about correct pet diet and nutrition and more natural and complementary therapies, such as energy healing (Reiki) accupressure, chiropractic, massage, homeopathy and Bio Resenance and hydrotherapy.

Nikki has witnessed that commercial pet food diets, over use of annual booster vaccinations and prescribed medication can cause damage to your pets health and in the long run knock years of your pets life.

Nikki has seen the remarkable changes in her clients dogs, when they have switched to more natural raw food diet and use natural healing methods. Nikki has an incredible knowledge and experience in these subjects and enjoys helping to educate others that natural healing solutions are available.

One incredible true story stands out in Nikki’s mind. It is story about a very brave yellow Labrador called Cory who over combated and overcame his battle with Canine Epilepsy by switching to a raw food diet and using natural treatments. His owner Sandra DeMers did not want to use the harsh Antiepileptic drugs that were offered to her and looked for more natural ways to help her dog.

Nikki first met Sandra and her son Jayson DeMers on Facebook when they contacted Nikki for some support with Cory. On hearing Cory’s story Nikki encouraged Sandra to write a book to help educate others about how you can combat and treat a life threatening illness with purely natural methods and with out the use of heavy chemical prescription drugs.

See Cory’s Story video below


Watch Nikki’s touching and heartfelt review of this wonderfully written true story.



For More Information On Cory & Canine Epilepsy Visit

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