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Nikki Brown, UK’s Natural Dog Whisperer From Canine Angel.

Welcome to my website, I am here to serve, inspire and share my knowledge and wisdom about Natural Animal Health & Well-Being as the leading Natural Dog Whisperer here in the UK.

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Natural Dog WhispererHi There, Thank- You for visiting my website, My name is Nikki Brown, you can find out more about me on the About Nikki Page, but over the last 20 years or so, I have been helping humans and animals all over the globe, by solving their greatest health or behavioural challenges using completely natural, holistic and ethical solutions.

I am based in both Shropshire and Brighton but cover all of the UK and worldwide with my services.

I offer my consulting, coaching, mentoring and training, through Skype, Telephone, Home Visits, Training Workshops, Books, Training Manuals and Online Video Training Courses.

So no matter where you live in the world, I am here ready to serve and inspire you with my teachings and help you to create the most fantastic relationship and to help your animals to live long, happy and healthy lives in your care!

Why Choose Natural Dog Whisperering, over Dog Training or Dog Behaviourist?   

My Natural Dog Whispering methods work with a complete holistic approach, so I work at treating both health or behavioural problems using completely natural protocols which actually work! In order to correct any imbalance, we need to find out whats causing it and work with the animal’s mind, body and spirit as a whole and not just offer it some psychological assistance.

I feel its important to also mention that I will NEVER use any kind of training aids, food treats or force, control or punishment methods. Being a Natural Dog Whisperer means I communicate with animals in their language, so I use this much kinder and safer method to help the animal to change any unwanted & habitual behaviours.

I am a firm believer that prevention is so important to achieve life-long health and well-being, so my programs are built to coach & inspire you to be well educated in all health, psychological and emotional issues so you know how to prevent problems from ever appearing or escalating out of control.

Being a Natural Dog Whisperer means I mainly specialise in mainly helping dogs, but my cutting edge technology and natural approach means I can help ALL types of animals no matter what their size or type, with their health, behavioural or training issues!

It’s not just animals I help either, being a pet parent can come with all the same challenges of having children, especially when their health or behaviour is compromised in someway.

Those challenges can soon wear you down, and sometimes you may not feel you are getting the right help, support or guidance and feelings of anxiety, stress and depression can set in and you can feel like you are going round in circles and your health and behaviour might also deteriorate as a result. Not only that but your animal can be left suffering in silence and the sooner we start work together, the sooner we can begin work together to solve these issues once and for all.

How To Make an Appointment With Me:

In order to give you the adequate time to discuss your animals problems in depth and so I can offer a full assessment of the problem at hand and offer my professional advice, you will need to first book in for a 90 minute assessment session with me to begin with.

Please CLICK HERE for more details about how to make your booking.

Please Note: Due to heavy work load, I can only offer my full attention to those that book in for a session with me and I cannot answer questions about your animal unless this step is taken. General lead time for appointments is 3-7 days though I can accommodate more urgent cases sooner than that if needed.

 To Make Your Booking Please CLICK HERE


Book Your (1), UK Natural Dog Whisperer

Once your assessment session has taken place, I will provide you with a written quotation for any further services or training suggested to you. Home visit training programs will be calculated from either Shropshire or Brighton, which ever one is closest to you.

Much of the training can be done through Skype as well, so even if you live in another country, contact me, as I will still be able to help.

With all that said, please do feel free to browse my website, and visit the blog and training pages as lots of free content on there for you to read and study.

Please also visit my You Tube Channel and subscribe so you can enjoy my videos.

And join my Facebook Page HERE for daily updates, tips and news.

I very much look forward to connecting with you soon,

Warmest Wishes,

Nikki xx 


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